"Zines have a long history of accompanying subcultures and political movements around the world. "
- from the online article How The Zine Can Be a Tool for Social Change by Alyana Cabral

I have been creating zines, small handmade in print form for over 20 years. They have been my 'go to' craft when processing life in general and my sister's death specifically. Zine are mostly fast, cheap and easy to make and I believe they are the perfect way to share and state your ideas. It's art plus print.. I live in the Zine Wasteland of North America and it has been a side project of mine to prove myself wrong. Here's a sampling of zines I have created. I have tons more and am into exchanging / trading zines with others willing to share their zines.

Zine documentary $100 and a T-Shirt is now online. thanks to the creators for posting this one.

I am sitting at my art desk....jpeg
When I was Little-ZINE COVER .png