Visit Harrison Uku Facebook group page to learn where we local ukulele players meet weekly.
As a beginner friendly group, we are learning all the time and welcome all ages and abilities.
It is helpful if you know the chords C – Am – F – G7 - D and how to strum. We love singing in harmony too, how 'bout you?

 UKULELE SEASON TWO SONGBOOK - Now Available in Beta Version, with 60+ songs including:

Harrison's ukulele community sing-along song book has 65+ classics and 'new to you' contemporary tunes. Songs we especially like to play:

El Condor Pasa - Am C F  Am - a lovely key to sing in...

Green Rocky Road - G... yes, it's a one chord song! 

Go To Sleep Ya Little Baby - another one chord wonder - F  or C    

How’s About You - Dave Rawlings - Misty's version

The Leaving Of Liverpool - key of C

Mr. Tambourine Man in G - as requested!


Best Day of My Life - C  F... that's it... two chords

Bird Song - C - play along; be one of the Wailing Jennys :)

The Book of Love - simply beautiful to play

Exs and Ohs - E - practice transitioning between Em and B

House Is A Home - written by Ben Harper & his Mom

Lost Boys - the grandchildren know this one

Sasquatch - Charlotte's song hits home here in Harrison

Song of the Sea - great animated movie song

Songbird -  Eva Cassidy’s version, not the Bee Gees :)

Spirits - The Strummbellas - a Juno winning song

Swimming Song - ode to swimming in our lake

Wagon Wheel - play along video - fun!

The Weight - The Band at their finest


BEGINNER site - 2 chord songs - help build up muscle memory
Brett’s 5  strums -  patient and thorough
CHANGING CHORDS - take your time and you'll feel more confident soon
Cynthia line’s Island Strum - fun stuff!  - "play it slowly…”
Dr. Jill's Play Along Videos - great fun to play with
DR. UKU - has tunes, chords and lyrics and lots of patience
Ukulele Mike - he shares technique with intentional practicing, like this 'fly away' game
PLAY UKULELE BY EAR - Jim's 26 three min. tutorial videos are invaluable
FINGERPICKING - Cynthia's a great teacher
SINGING! AND PLAYING?!! - Aldrine's tips
WRITE YOUR OWN SONGS - the basics to keep in mind
The Ukulele Teacher - shows you the difference in methods and sounds


  1. BYTOWN - multiple books, LARGE PRINT, coloured chords
  2. CATHY'S CHORDS - beginner, easy-to-read sheets
  3. CHELTENHAM - they've picked the best from the rest
  4. GLOSUKECLUB - Great selection; coloured chords
  5. HALIFAX - lots of songs, chords imbedded
  6. j.U.G. - a variety of songbooks; chords on top :)
  7. RICHARD'S -  Elaine's recommended list of 1,000 songs
  8. SOUP - great lyric pages; chords on top
  9. STEWART GREENHILL - interactive song sheet
  10. SAN JOSE -  index, colour coded levels


There’s something about the ukulele that just makes you smile.It makes you let your guard down. It brings out the child in all of us.
 Jake Shimabukuro

     How Ukulele Season Came About:
    I 'let my true colours show' musically in July of 2014, as I entered pre-retirement while grieving the death of my younger sister Leigh-Ann. I always loved music having grown up in a family that sang on road trips and around campfires. I have a wee background in music; high school choir, then flute and piano lessons as young adult. However, I was intimidated by string instruments, even ones with four! Then the stars aligned;  

    Friend Nikki visited with her ukulele and after I retired, I started connecting with local friends to sing in our village's hot pools. I dusted off a ukulele songbook our son created for me and after meeting Mac who began playing the sax in his late sixties, I jumped in and bought my first real ukulele - Kala Tenor.

    With a season of learning ukulele online under my belt, I began lessons with a human local musician and professional teacher John M. All the while I sought out local friends to connect with over a mutual love of either singing or learning the ukulele. After waiting for someone else to create a group that meets locally during daylight hours, I started to promote the idea with the support and encouragement of my friend Patsy. Since the creation of our local gatherings in September of 2016, word continues to spread that we are a fun-loving group. 


    If you have read this far.... maybe you are a keener like me and would like to try some real new songs... How 'bout these ones:

    Ukulele Anthem - C C7 Fsus2 G7sus4 G7

    At The Bottom of Everything - C F G

    Long Long Road - Canadian singer song writer

    Videos & songbooks presented - Arrangements for personal use & not for commercial use. 
    They're copyright with respective authors & publishers for discussion  & study only