Basil is Bountiful

Basil is growing well and looks like i will have lots to add fresh to dishes along with freeze some for use later on in the year. Here are some Quick Culinary Uses from my E book, Herbs In a Healthy Home, available on Amazon.

  • Basil flowers and leaves are best used during the last few minutes of cooking.
  • Cut up finely and garnish on vegetables, chicken or egg dishes.
  • Basil always works well with tomatoes, zucchini and peppers.
  • Try using basil leaves instead of lettuce in a sandwich.
  • Theresa, a dear friend of mine, once fed me a chicken breast marinated in just two ingredients: dried basil and balsamic vinegar. It was delicious. That woman can cook!

    Chiffonade is a word I learned from fellow foodie and sister-in-law Carol when she helped me edit my book so long agin. Chiffonade is a knife technique used for cutting herbs and a perfect way to prepare the basil leaves for many of these recipes. To chiffonade, stack the leaves then roll them into a tube. Cutting across the ends of the tube with a knife will produce the fine strips of basil used in many of these recipes.